The USC Computer Graphics researchers, with dozens of graduate students and research staff, are conducting cutting-edge research in many areas of computer graphics. Our topics are diverse, and range from acquisition of facial geometry, to geometry processing, urban city modeling and computer animation and physically based simulation. We are also actively cooperating with experts in special effects and gaming industry in Southern California and beyond. More information is available with the faculty links below.

Prospective PhD students: If you are interested in working with any of the faculty members, please apply to the USC Computer Science Department, and indicate the faculty members in your application and essay.

Faculty and Labs      (  alphabetical  )

All faculty members are appointed at the Computer Science Department, Viterbi School of Engineering.
Jernej Barbic, Associate Professor and Viterbi Early Career Chair, Computer Graphics, Animation and Simulation Laboratory
Paul Debevec, Research Professor, Graphics Laboratory, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
Hao Li, Assistant Professor, Geometric Capture Lab
Ulrich Neumann, Professor, Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies Laboratory
Suya You, Research Assistant Professor, Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies Laboratory

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